Ruslana is running for the second term… on the global VIDEO arena
The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 is once again making a stir among the European audience in the run-up to the Contest in Belgrade. Ruslana presented her new long-awaited show-musical Wild Energy in Baku, Azerbaijan, last Saturday. Looks like after an active period as a public figure, philanthropist, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and even Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ruslana is coming back on stage.

«We have taken our time to prepare for the day very thoroughly. Initially, I planned to withdraw from the Parliament now to continue my career as an artist. However, due to various reasons, I had to leave politics earlier. I guess, it’s for the better”.

It has been more than 3 years since Ruslana triumphed at Eurovision and was named World Best-Selling Ukrainian Artist at World Music Awards in Las Vegas in 2004. Just about time for the show biz electorate to demand a new program from their chosen one. Well, Ruslana can boast a host of new “trumps” in her pack. Among them the new high-tech show in an original musical version, fresh and unusual stage character and costumes, new musicians, a DJ set with the elite Ukrainian DJ Small, and most importantly, a dozen new songs in a style which is new and unexpected for Ruslana.

The premiere of the Wild Energy show became the main surprise and a centerpiece of the Azerbaijani National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Baku . The audience of eight thousand people tightly packed into the Heydar Aliyev sports and concert arena reacted with a storm of applause to Ruslana’s performance and didn’t let her off stage for several minutes after her show. Almost half of the audience were filming the performance with their mobile phones and digital cameras, which – as the Swedish light directors jokingly noted – created an additional light effect in the arena. Alongside the Swedes, specialists and equipment from 11 companies from Turkey, Estonia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan worked to create this spectacular gala. The show in Baku was broadcast live on public television of 4 European countries, and webcast live on the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest The premiere of Ruslana’s Wild Energy show became a real hit with international media and fans across Europe who hailed it enthusiastically on numerous Eurovision and fan sites.

Another recent breaking news for Ruslana’s fans was the beginning of her cooperation with T-Pain, world’s current hottest r’n’b and hip-hop vocalist (T-Pain has 4 tracks in the Billboard chart simultaneously, awards and nominations from MTV Awards and Grammy Awards, including Best R’n’B Singer and Best Song. He works with such icons as Akon, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, R-Kelly). Ruslana’s song and music video featuring T-Pain will be presented upon her return to Ukraine from the Grammy Awards 2008 ceremony in Los Angeles.

It looks like this spring is going to be rather fruitful for Ruslana. This is the time when she will release internationally her album Wild Energy (The Amazon in its Ukrainian version) and begin a series of big shows in Europe, each of which, according to Ruslana, will have a specially prepared unique “surprise”.

At the same time, Ruslana’s withdrawal from active political engagement does not mean renunciation of principles she declared at the beginning of her ascent of the European music Olympus. Thus, on 13-15 February, Ruslana will participate in the UN Forum in Vienna to fight human trafficking around the globe. In Vienna, Ruslana intends to present her social single Not for Sale dedicated to the fight against this modern type of slavery.

You can watch fragments of the world premiere of Ruslana’s show Wild Energy at or at (on the 24-hour Eurovision channel esctv).


Show teaser (wmv; 4,9MB)